Deer Shed Festival Easter Island heads population explosion

2 new Easter Island bath tub heads have now joined the 2 from last year to populate the island at this years Deer Shed Festival. They all have flashing eyes and broom head monobrows.

Johnny is making the marble race for the science tent this year, and a further head will be incorporated in that with the marble run tubes passing through it in the form of some kind of mad scientist sci-fi laboratory.

Having a Whale of a Time at Farleys Farm

Johnny’s exhibition, Machinations, is now open at Farleys Farm, Muddles Green Sussex (the home of British Surrealism). The indoor exhibition is open until May 13th and the outdoor pieces will be there until the autumn.

Here is a snap of Having a Whale of a Time in the grounds, a video of the brand new whale actions will follow shortly on Johnny’s You Tube channel. The shoal of fish now wiggle actuated by the handle of our old coffee plunger and the spout and eyes are now powered by a hand cranked generator.

Storm in a Teacup goes to Strange Cargo Gallery, Folkestone

This weekend only (09 – 10 December 2017) Johnny’s sculpture Storm in a Teacup is part of Nehctik, an exhibition at Strange Cargo Gallery, Folkestone, Photo Ellie Turner

‘Nehctik’ an exhibition curated by UCA students. Based on the concept of ‘Kitchen Heterotopia’. Following in the footsteps of Martha Rosler’s ground-breaking Semiotics of the Kitchen. Nehctik turns the tables on the concept of the ‘heart of the home’ into a dishevelled post-party kitchen. Showing smorgasbord of artworks from contributing artists Alastair Peat, Johnny White, Eleanor Arnold, Beatrice Lee Knowles, Isaac Carnell-Mckean and performance written by Amelia Beavis Harrison.

Summer show at Farleys Farmhouse 2018

In 2018 Johnny will be exhibiting at Farleys House and Gallery in Sussex, the home of British Surrealism. There will be an indoor exhibition entitled Machinations in the gallery from Sunday 1st of April until Sunday 13th of May with a further 3 large pieces being sited outdoors for the entire summer season. Johnny is very excited to be exhibiting alongside the likes of Picasso and Max Ernst!